My MW-SW and FM-equipment  /  antennas

This photo is taken at my home in Naantali
(bigger photo)


   - Ciao H101 (SDR-receiver, bought 2007) and Grundig Satellit 600 (bought 1985) 

  -  80 meters long "L" (directed to North, only possible direction)
  - 200 meters long "L" (directed to South, only possible direction)

 I live in quite urban area with a lot of houses around (luckily also some woods). Very often I have a lot of noises covering all
 MW/SW-bands and it is impossible to listen. I don't know where these intererencies are coming from. TV-sets?

This photo is taken at my home in Naantali (bigger photo)

 FM-receivers: (all with 80 kHz or 110 kHz filters)

 - Marantz ST-450 (87.5-108; over 20 years old but good with high local signal levels!)
 - Sony ST-S311 (87.5 - 108.0 MHz;  frequency scanning possibility)
 - Yamaha T-80

 - Behringer-mixer and C-casette / minidisc-recorders
 - FM-phaser (I can phase out some local FM-stations with it and 2 antennas)
 - Conrad RDS-decorder (connected to PC)

  Mast 1:  - 8-element horizontal yagi with Voltage Controlled Amplifier ( amplifies 2-3 MHz at a time)
               - 2 x 8-element vertical yagis stacked together
               - Skyking rotator to choose direction of these antennas
  Mast 2:  
(not visible on the photos)
              - 8-element horizontal yagi
              - Dipole for TV-channel E3 (for monitoring Sporadic E's MUF)
              - all coax wires are about 35 meters long from the roof to receiver

  My problem is high-power YLE-FM-transmitters 13 km away here (to SE-direction, 6 x 50 kW). This means that my
  receivers must stand quite high signal-levels. Also wide-band amplifier is not possible to use.
  Well, this could be worse of course.
(c) Harri Kujala, Naantali, Finland, 2005