Here some personal information of myself around radio-scenes

 I was born in Isokyrö (1959). I am married with Mia and we have two kids (boys, born -87 and -90). We lived in Turku-city
 from  1984 till 1999 before moved to Naantali (15 km east from Turku). It is a little city by the sea (15.000 inhabitants

 I have been working for local radio stations since 1986, from the early start of independent radio in Finland.
 Today I work for Radio Auran Aallot ( / HotAC) and Radio Majakka ( /
 Finnish-music- only). I schedule music for these stations and work also as a producer in commercials and internet
 for the stations.
 The annual turnover for the stations together is 1million Euros and there are 15 people working full-time.
 These stations are owned by local newspaper Turun Sanomat.

 I heard my first pirate radio in 1975 (East Coast Radio from Sweden) on 48mb. We operated own pirate station from 1977
 till 1981. The station was called Radio Bambino (here photo of me). (We closed down before getting raided. Most of our friends
 were raided by PTL/police during 1980 with high penalties.
 25 years ago I was also active Dutch MW-pirate-listener and I collected hundreds of replies from Holland. I have 500 different
 stickers from those stations. Holland was (and perhaps still is) a paradise for pirate broadcasting! Fantastic history.

 I sent my first reception reports during 1973 from MW- and SW-bands. I have now collected hundreds of replies from radio  stations around the world. Samples: Africa 1, 2, 3 / USA / Tbilisi.
 Between 1993 and 2004 I was inactive listener on MW and SW, but since autumn 2004 again under long-wires.
 However, today I mostly tune pirate radios on 48mb and 180mb.

 From 1977 I have tuned FM-radio stations from Europe via summer-time E-skips. I have heard around 1500 FM-stations from
 Europe (+ some from Africa,  Middle East)! I reached 1000 FM-QSL-replies on 25.2.2003 and it might be the 2nd largest
 collection in the world!  List of my collection is here.
 I have hundreds of letters. stickers etc. from European local FM-radios, as a memory of my listening!
 Samples: Radio Budrio (Italy), Radio Galassia (Italy), Radio Coraly (France), Qui FM (France), Radio Wachenburg (Germany).

 I am still active FM-DX-listener, specially during summer- and autumn-times.