I have heard hundreds of FM-stations at my home from all over Europe but here I list only pirates which I have heard on FM
 via Sporadic-E (FM-signal reflects thousands kilometers away via E-layer about 100 km high in ionosphare !

  Here are my pirate loggings of FM-stations (All heard in Finland via Sporadic-E) !!
 Year 2006
 Station  Location  Date  Time/UTC  MHz  Prop.  Mp3  Remarks
 Lynx FM  London  19.6.-06  18.20-  87.5  Es  mp3  No e-mail found
 Shine FM 879    www  London  19.6.-06  18.10-  87.9  Es  mp3  No reply to my e-mail
 Unidentified (Turkish?)  London area?  19.6.-06  17.53-  88.0  Es  mp3  Ideas for station-name?
 Vision FM    www  London  19.6.-06  17.49-  88.4  Es  mp3  E-mail reply to my report
 with verification!
       18.08-  88.4  Es  mp3
 Sweet FM    www  London  19.6.-06  17.49-  89.4  Es  mp3  No reply
 Unknown FM    www  London  19.6.-06  17.54-  90.2  Es  mp3  HUGE SIGNAL! No reply
       18.09-  90.2  Es  mp3
 Passion FM    www  London  19.6.-06  17.47-  91.8  Es  mp3  E-mail reply!
 Deja Vu 92.3    www  London  21.6.-06  07.32-  92.3  Es  mp3  E-mail reply! Acc. to the
 reply they use 300 Watts
     19.6.-06  18.10-  92.3  Es  mp3
 Touch FM    www  London  19.6.-06  17.47-  94.0  Es  mp3  No reply
 Roots FM  London  19.6.-06  17.48-  95.4  Es  mp3  Mentions Mill Hill area
 in North London
                           Also some other London-pirate signals detected but I heard only music from them
 Year 2007
 Station  Location  Date  Time/UTC  Freq.  Signal  Mp3  Remarks
 UK's Finest    www  London (Buckinghamshire)  20.7.-07  12.10-  87.5  Es  mp3  
 Lynx FM  London  20.7.-07  11.51-  87.5  Es  mp3  
 ChargeFM  Essex area  20.7.-07  12.35-  90.8  Es  mp3  
 Kool FM   www  London  20.7.-07  12.24-  94.6  Es  mp3  Only spots, no ID
 Roots FM  London  20.7.-07  12.04-  95.4  Es  mp3  

 The stations which I heard last year were mostly not audible. Perhaps those are raided and run by less power today?
 This time I used very good London Pirate List during listening. It helped very much to try right frequencies.

 Radio Jackie  London  20.7.-07  12.03-  107.8  Es  mp3  (Not a pirate anymore)