We have an expediton place for hard-core DX-listening in county Paimio. It is located 30 km East from Turku (countryside).
 There is a "house" owned by local hunters who rent it for others.  We have there a  chance to build extra long wires
 in the woods!
     We have there 4 longwires to different directions (0.5 - 1.0 mm Cu-wire 3-5m high in the trees) :

     - 800 m long "L" (direction South America, UK, Holland / 250d)
     - 700 m long "L" (direction Central America / 285d)
     - 700 m long "L" (direction North America ( /310d)
     - 400 m long "L" (direction Japan, Australia ( / 85d)
Usually we go there once a month for 1-2 nights/mornings to hunt American AM-stations (and pirates by me)
 Here are some loggings of MW/SW-stations heard in Paimio (not all stations listed here)
 Station  Location  kHz  Date Time/UTC  Mp3  Remarks
 All India Radio  Bikaner-city local, India  1395  25.3.2006  15.12-  mp3  "Ye akashvani Bikaner...."
 Voice of Vietnam  Hanoi, Vietnam (in English)  1242  26.3.2006  15.27-  mp3  mp3b (local lang.) Good signal on MW!
 Radio Juventus  Santo Domingo, Dominican  1640  5.3.2006  05.02-  mp3  Simple jingle: "Radio Juventus" mp3b
 R. Puerto Rico (WIAC)  San Juan, Puerto Rico  740  29.1.2006  06.32-  mp3  "Radio P.R. - 7-40 A-M".   Nice IDs!!
 Radio Mara Ritmo  Maracaibo, Venezuela  900  29.1.2006  06.20-  mp3  "Por Venezuela Mara Ritmo..."
 RCN  Bogota, Colombia  770  29.1.2006  06.30-  mp3  "Erre-Ce-Ene"    / Good signal !
 Radio Nueva Esparta  Porlamar, Venezuela  920  29.1.2006  06.21-  mp3   "Nueva Esparta  9-20 A-M.
 En el corazon de su pueblo"
 Radio Lider  Bogota, Colombia  730  29.1.2006  06.55-  mp3  "Radio Lider - 7-30 A-M"
 Radio Coro  Coro, Venezuela  780  29.1.2006  06.08-  mp3  "Fruta musical 7-80, primer lugar de
 sintonia...En Radio Coro, 7-80..."
 Carillion Radio  United Kingdom  1386  17.12.2005  22.50-  mp3  Low power UK-station (1 Watt !!)
 WEUV  Huntsville, AL, USA  1700  18.12.2005  06.05-  mp3  (With bad local interference)
 XERF, "La Poderosa"  Cd. Acuņa, CO, Mexico  1570  18.12.2005  09.57-  mp3  Amazingly late midday reception!
 WAKR  Akron, OH, USA  1590  18.12.2005  10.05-  mp3  Very late to receive here in South!
 WQSN  Kalamazoo, MI, USA  1660  18.12.2005  10.20-  mp3    "
 Station  Location kHz  Date Time/UTC  Mp3  Remarks
 R. Republik Indonesia  Serui, Indonesia (East) map  4605  4.3.2006  -15.00  mp3  Part of closing down seremony
 ID: "Inilah Radio R. Indonesia, Serui"
 R. Republik Indonesia  Serui, Indonesia (East)  4605  4.3.2006  21.06-  mp3  Programme start after The News
(c) Harri Kujala, Naantali, Finland