My name is Harri Kujala. I live in South Finland in Naantali (a little city by the sea). I am DX-listener since 1973 and during the years I have monitored and reported radio stations from all over the world.
In these pages I list identified pirate stations from Greece. I can hear these stations hear at my home very often in the late
evenings between 1620 - 1720 kHz. I have 300 meters longwire directed to South and it gives good signals.

These pirates are very difficult to identify, but luckily I have help from Greece. He is Kostas "Edison" from Athens. He can easily
pick up stationname and other facts from my mp3-clips. I am also trying to learn all the time myself to identify them, but I do not
understand Greek (practically only numbers), so it is very difficult.

There are hundreds of local pirates operating on Medium Wave in Greece, and many with high powers, too, even 5 -15 kW!
These oprators are mainly from the countryside of Greece and almost none of them speaks English. Therefore they are not
interested in to have international programmes or contacts.
Most of the stations only want talk to each other (QSO) between 1640 - 1740 kHz, but also many plays local folkmusic and
takes even telephonecallings! Very often they announce their GSM-number (starting with numbers 69 = eksi enea....).These
phone-in-music programmes can be heard between 1400 - 1640 kHz, and here in Finland they can be received mostly between
1618 - 1645 kHz in late evenings (almost every evening).

My goal is to have a few replies from these stations. It would be very exotic to have a written reply from some of them
- perhaps even with photos!. I hope it will happen although they do not understand English.
I hope these pages will also help other DXers in the world to understand what these stations really are.
  Updates coming:     Photos coming very soon!
           I visited two big pirates in Larissa, Mid-Greece on 11-12.10.2006!!!!!
 Here is a list of identified Greek pirates  -  White letters= in Naatali /300m) Yellow letters= in Paimio /800m)
 Station  Location in GREECE  Date  Greek-
 kHz Signal  Mp3  Remarks
 Radio Delta  Giannitsa (map)  2.4.06  22.37-  1642  2-4  mp3  Gave GSM. Callings live on air
 Radio Asteras (=Star)  Kilkis (map)  25.3.06  00.37-  1630  1-4  mp3  Gave GSM. Is on the air daily
 on 1566 kHz till 23.00
 Transmitter is "8x813 tubes"
 Radio National  Komotini (map)  4.3.06  21.18-  1634  2-4  mp3  Gave GSM
 Radio Macedonia  -  17.12.05  22.05-  1382 !  0-3  mp3  Gave GSM
 Radio Anatolia  Kilkis (map)  14.12.05  22.04-  1621  2-4  mp3  Gave GSM   
 Radio Ouranio Toxo
 Larissa (map)  03.12.05  20.30-  1620  0-3  mp3
 1, 2
 3, 4
 Gave GSM  I phoned them but nobody talking
 English! Here they say regards to
 "a friend in Finland"  (clips 3 and 4)!
 Radio Epouranios  Thessaloniki (map)  22.10.05  00.30  1620  -  mp3  Power 3 kW
 Radio Samurai  Kalamata (South Greece) (map)  26.2.05  23.52  1630  -  mp3  6x 813 tube = 1.5 kW
 Radio International  Trikala (map)  7.1.05  22.15  1633  -  mp3  Gave GSM
  Radio 1-55
  (Ena - peninta pende)
(Ena-peninta pende)
 Thessaloniki (map)  2.1.05  00.50-  1673  3-4  mp3  QSO-station/Tx=6x813 tubes
 Radio Thesalos  Larissa (map)  17.12.04  00.01  1623  -  mp3  Power 3 kW
 Here is also a list of identified Serbian and Croatian pirates
 (c)  Harri Kujala, Naantali, Finland